Tuesday 23 May 2023

German Hf2 Wagon ready to test print.

 Hi guys

Preparing to do a test print on my 4th CAD file, a German Hf2 wagon, we all need lots of the neglected horse drawn wagons, well I do anyway, I’m not sure how to CAD living things like horses, I personally have a lot of spare 1/72 horse I can use, but for now I may need to find a way to provide horses with it. I’m doing 4 options, horses hitched and unhitched and spare wheel attached or unattached. This is based on Egbert Michels excellent 1/200 file, updated to 1/72 or larger detail and a slight adjust in some areas, I will provide it as a free file when it’s ready.

1 comment:

  1. WoW! They look great! My armies are 28mm though. I really appreciate you offering these files.