Wednesday 27 September 2023

15mm Polybian and early imperial Romans (nostalgia)

 Hi guys

Recently I have been having fun working on a nostalgia driven 1/72 Polybian Republican Roman project, I was introduced to wargaming whilst serving in the army in the 90s, the first army I ever painted was a 15mm Polybian Roman army with Iberian allies (which I loved, cheap but reliable troops) based for DBM, located at the front of these pics, I had a lot of fun playing DBM with it, my second army was a 15mm Imperial Roman army with Sarmation allies, located at the back of these pics, and my third was a samurai army (which I won a painting contest for) I still had these armies in the stash somewhere, so I went digging.

Surprisingly it only took me 30mm to find them, they are a bit beaten up, so I’m going to give myself a restoration project, clean them up, and give them a refresher paint job, here are some before pictures.

I’m missing some elements, and am wondering if mini figs and Essex miniatures are still available, I’ll go looking to see if I can pick up some troops to fill out the ranks. 

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