Sunday 17 September 2023

WIP 1/72 Ancient Spanish

 Hi guys

Whilst searching through my stash for 1/72 fantasy figures I stumbled across an old 1/72 Punic war DBMM project, I have great memories playing DBM Ancients (I had 15mm Polybian Roman, early imperial Roman, medieval German and Samurai) at the army wargaming club back in the 90s, I still have those armies in the stash, but have thought a 1/72 Polybian Roman and Carthaginian army would be fun to make, here I am working on some Spanish allies, that can be used with either side, I plan to expand it to a full ancient Spanish army at some stage.

I am using the Hat Spanish set, its obviously limited in poses with only 8, 2 of which are slingers, so I am doing a lot of head, legs and torso swaps to get as much variation as possible, at the same time I will try to fix the squared off poses, to a more classic fighters stance, and get as many shields facing the enemy as I can.

I have also added chest and back armour plates and long shields to the scutarii medium infantry, and small round shields to the light caetrati infantry, there are only 2 slinger poses, so tried to adjust those as much as I could, I’ll wash the figures then mount them for undercoating and painting. 

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