Thursday 23 May 2024

PzIVs 22nd Pz regt WIP2

 Hi guys

Got some details painted on the Pz IVs, added chipping, filters and markings, I didn’t have any white turret numbers, (the numbers may actually have been yellow, but I’m going with white) so I used black numbers as a guide and re painted white, 6x Pz IVs and a command Pz IV representing the 3rd company, 1st Battalion, 22nd Pz regt, plus the battalion HQ, with the  commander in a Pz IIIL (yet to be painted) and 2 Pz IVHs, as well as the Laffly S45t as a recovery vehicle (I’ll be adding more recovery vehicles more for modelling purposes) next I’ll add a pin wash, give a dry brush, highlight some details, then start on the weathering. 


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