Wednesday 12 June 2024

Panzer kompanie (Funklenk) 315

 Hi guys 

I was asked a while ago if the 21st Pz Div had Stug IIIs, to which I confidently replied no, the unit having French funnies fulfilling that role, however, what I wasn’t aware of at the time, there was a sub unit attached to the 21st during D-Day, Panzer kompanie (Funklenk) 315, this was a remote controlled demolition unit, equipped with Borgward IV heavy remote controlled demolition vehicles, and Stug III control vehicles, I believe they had 10 Stugs and 12 Borgward IVs, this unit had escaped my attention, so the option for Stugs and Borgward IVs is a pleasant surprise. The middle Stug in the plate below is from this unit. Now I’m on the hunt for reference pics of the remote control box on the rear of the Stugs, if anyone has any pics of this I’d appreciate it. 

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