Saturday 22 June 2024

WIP1 Hungarian 1st armoured field division

Hi guys 

I need a break from the 21st PD project, so I’m going to reset by doing some vehicles for my Hungarian project, one of my major projects is Stalingrad, with sub projects being the Hungarians, Romanians and 24th Pz Div on the axis side, assault engineers, marines, and an armoured unit (yet to be decided) on the Soviet side. 

So over the last couple of days I printed these for the Hungarian 1st armoured field division, this unit was equipped with 38ts, Pz IV F1s and Gs, and some Pz III Ms, all these tanks were panzer grey, except the PzIIIs, which were in German camo, which is good as I enjoy painting Panzer grey, the soft skins will be the Hungarian 3 tone camo, now I have to do a search to see how many Hungarian decals I have, I may need to source some more. For tank crews I’ll convert various Italian tankers, I have ABs and Orions Italian tankers to work with. 

The PzIV is from Counlane models, I opened some hatches using CAD, some of the Rabas and 38ts are from Wingham Graves, I added some tools to the Raba, and I opened the commanders hatch and replaced the running gear on the 38ts, one of the Rabas is from wargame3D, which is a nice model, but doesn’t have an option for the rear canvas to be down, Windhams is almost as good and they mix well if you adjust the dimensions a little. The Daimler Benz G5 is from thingyverse. 

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