Monday, 27 June 2011

15mm mini exchange WIP

Hi guys, these are my entry into the TMP 15mm mini exchange, a tough crew of adventurer looking for their big pay day, they can often be found working as runners, bounty hunters, or mercenaries, I will undercoat these today and start painting tomorrow, should I leave the bases bare for the recipient or base them up?


  1. Base them. Its not that hard, and bases make minis look even better!

    Have a look at this

  2. Um, thanks Fjodin, the issue isn't that I don't know how to base the figures, but more the fact that these figures will be sent to another TMP member for their collection and I am considering if I should leave the bases for the recipient of the mini swap, I base them myself and rob the recipient of the chance to base the figs to their liking.

  3. I have decided to leave the ones I'm sending out as unbased. I would base them as a single element for my own use, but I know some people will go for singles or small groups.