Sunday, 5 June 2011

WIP 15mm Kroot

Hi guys, I have started 2 15mm Kroot conversions using Khurasans Lhurgg, I'm pretty happy with how they are turning out, steps,
1) cut off nose and shape like a beak
2) cut off hair (just enough that it will not get in the way)
3) drill gun barrel (this is hard, if not impossible, I need to come up with ways to attach a long barrel)
4) lay putty down the path of the old hair.
5) roll quills from putty and stick to laid putty.
6) form forehead with putty.
7) form lower jaw with putty so it has an overbite.
next steps will be.
8) add detail to barrel, and add axe blade
9) on some I may add a groin cloth (maybe, not sure)
although it looks complicated and fiddly, its actually pretty easy and quick, the main time is spent waiting for layers of putty to dry, I have 18 of these to convert but I think doing them all at once I could knock them over in a night, I am working on 3 Tau made from the Felid figs at the same time, 1 helmeted firewarrior, 1 helmet less firewarrior and a stealth suit, they are all turning out very nice and again aren't overly taxing conversions, just waiting on a layer of putty to dry and will return to the firewarriors, what do you think?


  1. I guess that's as close as one can get without making completely new models. That said I was never in love with either Kroot or Tau.

    Nonetheless very clean job. Looking forward to see a pack of them painted up.

  2. good job, looks like a kroot to me.