Thursday, 23 June 2011

Gearing up for war

Hi guys, some mates and myself have decided to start a 1/72 WWII war gaming club, we will be using platoon-company size forces for skirmish style battles, (not sure of the rules yet) so I am starting a project to make a flexible infantry company plus assets and armour of each major country, so here is the first unit, 3 stug III Gs, 2 from Italeri and one from Trumpeter, I'll be giving the models a little bit of detail without going over the top.
Th Italeri kits hold up well with age, they have link and length tracks, but these are very average in detail, LnL tracks are good for static display models but not so good for war gaming kits, detail is a bit chunky but this will lend itself well to painting, overall they look right 6.5/10, the Trumpeter kit is a little more delicate, an looks more accurate, it has rubber tracks, these glued easily to the wheels, 7.5/10, the gunners hatch is closed on both kits.


  1. Good luck Dan!
    I wish I could find some Greeks to do the same....

  2. Good start Dan. Would love to see more.

  3. Hi Thanos, could they be converted from Italian or Russian troops?

  4. good one Dan,

    been a 20mm convert for 15 years, try Rapid Fire or Force on Force!


  5. Looking forward to seeing those painted up Dan. Adding you to my blog list.