Friday, 3 August 2012

Review Trench 2114 Panzer troops

Hi guys, I have my Trench 2114 15mm Panzer troops in hand, and thought some of you may want size comparison shots, I have them lined up with, Eureka Scifi German, GZG NAC, Khurasan Exterminator environment suit trooper, Khurasan Post apoc power armour, and a CMG Ygs, they are a very similar size to the 2 Khurasan figs, showing that they are indeed power armour size, the detail is very crisp, there are 3 poses in each pack of 10, I like them a lot, my only criticism would be more poses and more weapons variety, but I will convert some different weapons, overall for design and execution I would give these guys a 9/10 great figures.


  1. They look great mate. Look forward to see what you do with them

  2. cool minis, have to find them...