Monday, 13 August 2012

WIP 15mm Blood Angel scouts part 3

Hi guys, I'm home sick from work today, a touch of the flu, so I am doing a bit of catch up on this project, this unit shows the first signs of impatience in the 15mm Blood Angels project, I decided to make 4 scout snipers, 5 shot guns and a leader, the 4 snipers were going to be in ghilli suits, but I got impatient and only finished 2, the other 2 I just added camo to the sniper rifles, I will also distinguish them with face paint, (for those not familiar with 40k, I realize its stupid mixing red and camo, and I feel stupid doing it, but thats very 40k and the feel I'm going for) the pants will be a grey urban camo pattern, what do you think?