Monday, 27 March 2023

1/72 Colonel Klink and Sgt Schultz finished

 Hi guys

These characters have been a long time coming, from thinking about making a 1/72 Klink and Schultz 15 years ago, to their completion today (all but flocking the base) the bumbling duo are ready to lead my Luftwaffe field Division troops to certain failure.

Figures used - Schultz is from Simon Soldier Volksturm range, and Klink is from ABs Dak officer set with a 3D printed head, I enlarged Schultz’s collar, added shoulder boards, and some tunic details, gave him a mo, and changed his hat to a helmet, for Klink I printed a bald head, looked for the longest face I could find, sculpted hair around his bald spot, cut a package from under his arm, drilled a hole for a plasticard rod riding crop. 

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